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Other Sponsors

In addition to our major sponsors, we are deeply grateful to the below organisations who actively support community needs and helped make The Old Ghost Road possible.

Other Sponsors

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Transpower – through their Community Care Fund – contributed to the purchase of a mobile crusher unit in 2014. By being able to produce hard-wearing track surfacing material on site, this little unit lies at the heart of a sustainable future for The Old Ghost Road. Helping to set us up with the right tools and equipment is one of the greatest gifts we could ask for.


160215 - Stevenson Logo
Stevenson Mining is a recent and welcome sponsor of The Old Ghost Road, creating significant momentum during our fundraising efforts in 2015 to complete the trail.


151012 - NZ Community Trust Logo on White
The New Zealand Community Trust made volunteer construction of the Skyline Steps possible in early 2015 by supporting the materials purchase for this task, in doing so, providing an all-important link between the alpine section of the trail and the lower climes to the north.


140815 - The Trusts Community Foundation Logo
The Trusts Community Foundation has been a great supporter of The Old Ghost Road. Along with Transpower, they enabled the purchase of our little mobile crushing unit that plays such an integral role in our existence, and they also supported a volunteer trail construction effort in early 2015 high on the Lyell Range.


Trail Fund
Trail Fund has been pleasure to work with and a great contributer to The Old Ghost Road, supporting three distinct volunteer campaigns staged throughout 2015 that brought much-needed momentum and volunteer-energy, introduced us to new friends, and made some serious progress and improvements to the trail. 

160215 - MBC Logo
We have been honoured to be on the end of MBC’s generosity since the inception of the project.  MBC’s specialists supported us with ecological studies, volunteer labour for erosion control efforts, and MBC donated generously during our fundraising campaign to complete the trail providing signifcant momentum to that cause.

160213 - ANZ Staff Foundation Logo
The ANZ Staff Foundation supported a volunteer campaign in 2014 as we sought to hand-build access across the flanks of Rocky Tor, high on the Lyell Range.


160214 - NZ Outdoor Recreation Consortium Logo
The New Zealand Outdoor Recreation Consortium – via the ‘Huts and Tracks’fund – supported a volunteer upgrade of the Specimen Point hut, enabling much-needed heating and communal space to be added such that it’s now become a stunning hut experience on The Old Ghost Road.


160214 - Geofabrics Logo
Maccaferri (now Geofrabrics) supported us via the donation of gabion baskets and erosion-control materials in 2014 to assist us with a volunteer effort in Stern Valley.