What to Bring

Your gear requirements will depend on whether you are a day or multi-day user, and whether you’re primarily on two feet or two wheels. This is not a comprehensive list and assumes users will have their own outdoor-suitable clothing and footwear, first aid and personal items, but provides some suggestions specific to The Old Ghost Road experience.

All Overnight Users

  • Print-out(s) of hut reservations
  • An emergency communication device like a Personal Locator Beacon (most of the track does not have cellphone coverage) and/or satellite phone
  • Cookers and fuel if staying a the Mokihinui Fork or Goat Creek huts (the hut stoves are for heating purposes only and fires are not permitted)
  • Sleeping bag (hut bunks have mattresses)
  • Biodegradable dish washing liquid and a tea towel (for cleaning and drying the hut crockery and cutlery)
  • Biodegradable toilet paper (composting toilets are at Lyell Saddle, Ghost Lake, Stern Valley and Specimen Point huts)
  • Plastic bag(s) for containing and ‘packing out’ your rubbish
  • Antihistamines (wasp activity has been noted in the Goat Creek and South Branch areas)
  • Insect (sand fly) repellent (useful for the low parts of the trail)


Cyclists should be prepared to make repairs in remote areas. Essential items include:

  • trampers at specimenA comprehensive bike tool with chainbreaker
  • Quick release chain link
  • Tyre tool
  • Spare tube(s) / fresh patch kit
  • Spare pair of brake pads
  • Pump /Co2 pump
  • Light
  • Derailleur hanger
  • Spare cleat screw
  • A few tie-wraps
  • Small length of duct tape
  • Reading glasses if you need them!

Survival Essentials recommended for trampers in NZ (courtesy, NZ Mountain Safety Council)

These emergency kit items are also suggested for cyclists:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Fire-lighting equipment (matches or lighter and a fire-lighting aid)
  • Whistle (available in store)
  • Cord or string
  • Fish hooks and line
  • Sharp knife
  • Bandage and plasters
  • Plastic bags
  • Aluminium foil
  • Pencil and paper
  • Anti-histamines (wasps can present seasonal issues, particularly in the Mokihinui South Branch and Goat Creek area)